June 2019

January 2019

Architectural Digest
December 2018

July 2018
Artfully Inspired by Holland America Line
July 2018
“We spent a year travelling the world looking for the best contemporary emerging artists.” An inspiring video about the art collection onboard the Nieuw Statendam. In close collaboration with Tihany Design.

Timeless Travels Magazine
Spring 2018

Holland America Line
April 2018

January 2018

Cruise Industry News
November 2017

Vacations & Travel Magazine
October 2017

Cruise and Ferry
Spring/Summer 2017
“Cruise guests stay onboard from one week to several months, encountering the art daily for an extended period, so it is even more important for the art to be multi-layered and content-rich, revealing a little at a time.”

November 2016
“If we can translate even a hint of what it is like to lie on your back in the desert, for example being in the centre of the harp sculpture, that is the whole idea.”

Hospitality Design
December 2014
“We can just put in the nicest [artwork] we find. But we can also put something that will at least attempt to add another later to the space, and that’s a much more interesting process. [We] have to make sure that when the guest leaves the hotel they remember where they were. And hopefully they will want to come back.”

The Caterer
August 2014
“A good art consultant will spend a considerable amount of time on the study and reasearch of a project.”