Homage to the Creative Spirit

Designer Adam D. Tihany drew inspiration from music for Holland America Line’s MS Koningsdam design, concretizing music through its architecture and the sensual curves and shapes that form musical instruments. Similar to how the shape of an instrument informs its harmonious sound, the diverse processes and techniques of individual artists result in the creation of unique artworks, and so the subsequent art collection is awash in creative and collaborative works that pay homage to the intense work of artists worldwide.

“From the three-deck Atrium Sculpture and the Quad Helix sculpture with its 200 LED light elements, to the Culinary Arts Center wall piece, featuring over 40 panels in wood, laminate etching and ceramic tiles, each artwork was its own exciting journey filled with challenges and triumphs. The rest of the ArtLink team and I worked closely with artists, designers, consultants and builders to develop concepts and find the technical solutions that would bring us to our final destination.”

Dorit Magidor, Project Manager

ArtLink commissioned Brooklyn-based artist Jason Krugman to create a brass sculpture that would ascend two decks. The work, Quad Helix, contains 200 LED light elements and its effortless appearance belies it 800 kg weight.
“My sculptures start as totally 2-dimensional,” says Peter Gentenaar, the Dutch paper sculptor and creator of the two-deck high sculpture, Wings of the Pharoah, describing the process in which his forms come to life. As the wet pulp created from Belgian linen dries around the bamboo framework it begins to shrink and curl, “just as a leaf when it dries.”

Sandra Spannan’s exceptional etchings and silkscreens on glass and wood panels for the ship’s Pinnacle Grill drew inspiration from their very material: “The choice of ‘precious metals’ such as 9-karat white gold, palladium, silver and 23-karat gold leaf bring history and powerful symbolism into the mix. Walnut, a very hard wood, is perfect for etching—its darkness a perfect foil for the bright leaf, constantly changing with the viewer’s movement.”

With the harmonic and sensual forms of musical instruments as inspiration, ArtLink produced a harp-like stainless steel sculpture for the ship’s central atrium staircase. Weighing 7.5 tons and suspending three-decks in air with a circumference of 30 feet, the atrium sculpture is a pure aesthetic and collaborative triumph and an iconic feature of the ship.
ArtLink curated a photography collection that focuses on capturing the spirit of performing artists: musicians, dancers and fashion models.

Inspired by classical painters, Ingrid Bugge “paints” with her camera, creating poetic photo collages that, according to art critic Ole Nørlyng, create an atmosphere that feels “... almost as if you can hear the Royal Orchestra play everything from the elf girls dance in a folk tale to the majestic knight dance in Romeo and Juliet.”