A Gentleman's Collection

ArtLink’s largest scale project to date began with the most unusual brief: zero degree curation, or in other words, ArtLink’s footprint had to disappear entirely. The art collection had to create the illusion of a wealthy gentleman’s personal art collection, conveying a personal passion for art that has been handpicked and collected over a lifetime.

“Perhaps one of the most spectacular aspects at the Jing An Shangri-La
is the inspired international art collection,” 

Sandra Cortner, Associate at HBA
The selected works all reference China’s rich cultural heritage and include contemporary pieces in oil, acrylic, graphite and ink as well as photography, textile art, ceramic objects and sculptures.


“ArtLink installed and placed the art package, which was of extremely high value in a timely manner around the chaos of opening the hotel whilst working with the project, design and hotel teams in a seamless manner. On a personal level as an experienced opening GM, it was most appreciated to have one thing off of my mind during this time by having a trusted partner to execute without any drama and with such good natured personality.”
J. Edward Brea, General Manager in Jing An Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai


In order to create the illusion of an art collection collected over a lifetime, the framing proved to be an integral feature of the project. Researching the history of popular frames for the past few decades informed the manner in which we framed each work in this extensive collection.

“Have you ever considered in the early history of painting, how important also is the history of the frame maker? It is a matter, I assure you, needing the very best consideration. For the frame was made before the picture. The painted window is much, but the aperture it fills was thought of before it.”
John Ruskin, circa 1872