Turn Space into an Experience

“In turning a passage into a space of experience, one sometimes has to go so far as to produce a film.” Tal Danai, Founder and CEO, ArtLink

Designing a hotel in a multiuse building is always challenging, and in this specific case, the challenge is in its unexpected entrance: the guest enters the hotel from the marina into a wide corridor, walking its length until finally entering the hotel lobby.

Embracing the challenge to create a portal between outer and inner, private and public, ArtLink commissioned a film by acclaimed local artist, Eyal Landesman, whose work asks if art has the capability to fix existence.

“I was drawn always to the exploration of the borders between imagination, illusion and documentary work through photography.”
Eyal Landesman, photographer and video artist.

The video was edited to guarantee that every 27 second segment—the average time it takes for one to walk the corridor’s length—will carry enough narrative to force the passerby to stop and experience the corridor as a destination in its own right.

The footage is composed of 3,000 stills that narrate three separate stories taking place within a 24-hour period. The film portrays a woman sleeping while she embarks on a series of fragmented nighttime excursions that challenge her grasp of reality. Three synchronized screens display the stop-motion film simultaneously, creating an illusion of movement that blurs the distinction between reality and imaginary narrative.