An Art Expedition through Imaginary Worlds

“The art collection captures the timeless elegance featured in the ship’s design and the essence of human curiosity that since the dawn of recorded history has made us board ships and sail beyond the edges of the known world.” Tal Danai, Founder and CEO, ArtLink

Sometimes in life, the journey is as interesting as the destination itself. Inspired by the ship’s travels, the ArtLink team curated an artistic voyage through cultures and time, mixing exquisitely hand-made traditional crafts with works that were created in the most technologically advanced techniques.

The balance between design and art and the successful collaboration with Tihany Design resulted in a unique collection that echoes ancient cultures, highlights art history’s movements and styles and spreads the colors of exotic spices and the shapes and scents of imaginary destinations throughout the ship.

French artist Elisabeth Lecourt’s Les robes geographiques series acts as “a portrait of people through their clothes, like a blue-print of their soul.”

The Spice Wall

Michelin star chef Thomas Keller describes the sensuality of seasoning: “Season your food properly… holding your hand up rather high, having the salt between your fingers and letting it fall, through the air.”
Tihany Design tasked ArtLink with developing a concept for the two-deck high glass wall that serves as a backdrop to the staircase leading from the Colonnade to Thomas Keller’s The Grill Restaurant on the deck below. The exciting history of the spice trade inspired the ArtLink-designed wall. Constructed of 1840 glass bricks produced by expert artisans in colors ranging from turmeric to cinnamon, each brick was hand-cast in sand to create a tactility reminiscent of running one’s hand through ground spices.

East Meets West

The countless destinations the MS Encore will encounter embody cross-cultural dialogue in its purest form. Valeria Nascimento’s beautiful porcelain wall sculptures transform the medium, representing porcelain’s universal esteem from China to Great Britain. Yoo Eui Jeong, the Korean ceramic artist, creates works that are a bricolage of cultural references: Western pop icons collide with Asian design motifs in surprisingly harmonious albeit cheeky works.

Virtual Fantasy

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” (Alice in Wonderland in Walt Disney’s 1951 film adaptation)
When travelling to faraway locations, sailors encountered the unknown, meeting people from all over the world as they were exposed to new scents and tastes. And so, in many ways, imaginary worlds became real: Lisa A. Frank’s large-scale works in the Colonnade create a semblance of these encounters that are simultaneously ordinary yet disorientating.