Locally Luxurious

"An exquisite art collection adorns the corridors and public spaces, a thoughtfully curated ensemble of the creative expression of highly talented artists from Jordan and the Levant region." Marriott International, Inc.

Located in the heart of Jordan's capital city, the St. Regis Amman offers its guests a locally inspired take on established traditions. The St. Regis name became synonymous with a tradition of innovation and commitment to impeccable service. The brand’s unwavering commitment to hospitality is reflected in the hotel’s thoughtful art collection, proudly curated by ArtLink. Locally informed and echoing tradition in contemporary voices, the art collection is composed predominantly of works by artists from Jordan and the Levant. Each piece is curated with an eye to embody luxurious hospitality - a key traditional trait of Jordanian culture and a pillar of the brand's values. With a desire to highlight Jordanian ancient traditions and crafts, ArtLink reached out to the local creative community. A close collaboration with local artists and artisans resulted in a collection that alludes to traditions in a way both contemporary and sophisticated.

Craftsmanship from the Community

For the ground floor of the hotel, ArtLink commissioned several artworks by Aperçu, a local design studio, specializing in creating bespoke works which fuse skillful craftsmanship and innovative design. Their masterful creations combine traditional natural materials like wood, stone and metal, fusing them with modern materials – primarily resin. In French, Aperçu means an insight or immediate impression. But these artworks deserve more than a brief look, as they beautifully merge tradition and innovation into elegant pieces of art, welcoming the guests to an experience of culturally rooted hospitality.

The harmonious union between oriental and modern is also apparent in the works of Naqsh Collective, a local sister duo, which created several works for the St. Regis collection. They draw inspiration from traditional Arabic aesthetics, embroidery in particular – a traditionally important skill for Jordanian women. Naqsh Collective unique aesthetic also caught the eye of the Victoria and Albert Museum which granted them with the 2018 Jameel Prize, an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition.

Threads of Culture

Hand-made embroidery artworks also takes on center stage at the hotel entrance. These pieces are the outcome of a fruitful collaboration between ArtLink and Jordan River Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to community empowerment, and chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. This organization has spurred a revival of locally produced crafts by empowering women in rural communities. The artworks are made by local female artisans who craft traditional and contemporary handmade embroidery works.

ArtLink invited those skillful women to create embroidery artworks inspired by the majestic black iris. Known as “the queen of wild flowers”, the black iris, one of the rarest flowers in the world and Jordan’s national flower, is both delicate and tough –its endurance helps it survive the harsh climate of the Arabian Desert.

Embroidery and Islamic geometry are also a source of inspiration for the artist Julia Ibbini, based both in Jordan and the UK. Her delicate artworks combine complex digital designs with traditional ornament and craftsmanship, exploring the possibilities of human and machine collaboration. For the St. Regis collection, the artist created compositions made of delicate laser-cut paper patterns and hand painted ink drawings, which allude to Islamic architecture and symbolism.

Drinkers of the Wind: Arabic Horses Featured in Bar Mural

“A captivating mural named ‘Drinkers of the Wind’ is found in The St. Regis Bar, paying homage to one of the brand’s signature design elements, and to the history of Jordan.”
Marriott International, Inc.

“Old King Cole”, the mural painting adorning the St. Regis New York Bar since 1932, became an iconic symbol of the institution. This mural marks the begging of a new and celebrated tradition – every hotel commissions a stunning mural which takes center stage in every St. Regis bar around the world.

The book Royal Heritage: The Story of Jordan’s Arab Horses, co-authored by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan, is the inspiration for the mural at the Cognac Bar of St. Regis Amman. It is a testament to the majestic history of the Arabian horses in Jordan.

The choice of a mosaic carries local relevance as well. The craft of mosaic-making has a noble and distinguished lineage in Jordan. Notable landmarks around the country are famed for their historical mosaics.