When Art Meets a Landmark

The Plaza Hotel needs no introduction. With iconic references such as Eloise, Home Alone 2 and the Great Gatsby, the Plaza Hotel is a New York City landmark. Curating a collection for such a timeless hotel is humbling, and so ArtLink conceived of a collection that would reinterpret the way cultures have treated art over the centuries in a contemporary and cheeky manner.

Recording history, commenting on contemporary culture, exploring gender roles, illustrating art’s impact on a space—all of these integral themes within art history were explored in ArtLink’s collections for the Versace and Giorgetti Residences.

For the hotel’s guest rooms, ArtLink’s art consultants curated and obtained the copyrights for Renaissance portraits that were reproduced and aged to look like originals, and then blended with works by a young contemporary Russian artist who paints portraits of friends using old master’s techniques. The result is 740 pairs of eyes that gaze upon guests throughout the hotel. In a cursory glance, the eyes all appear to belong to the Renaissance period pieces, but a secondary look reveals several hundred years of history, spanning from the Renaissance to the 21st century.