Journeying Through Artwork

“ArtLink did a masterful job and we are truly pleased.” Rick Meadows, President, Seabourn Cruises

Working at the invitation of world-renowned interior designer, Adam D. Tihany, ArtLink completed the installation of nearly 1,000 works of art and craft onboard the Seabourn’s ultra-luxury vessel, Seabourn Encore. The success of the Encore led to further collaboration with Seabourn and ArtLink was invited to curate another exclusive collection on its sister ship, the Ovation, providing more than 1,600 works of art. Working closely with Seabourn's President, Rick Meadows, and Tihany Design, ArtLink has woven together Seabourn Cruises’ brand character, the designer’s vision and the talents of over 240 artists on two ships from across five continents to achieve unique and multi-layered collections intended to reveal new discoveries little-by-little to guests as they travel the oceans with Seabourn.

At the helm of the art collections is exceptional craftmanship, meticulous detailing and artisanal nuance. The spectacular hand-blown glasswork of Rick Eggert and duo Danielle Blade and Stephen Gartner, and the delicate mastery of ceramic art by Valeria Nascimento and Zemer Peled highlight the level of skill and technique displayed across the large art collections. Though there is a common thread – with some artists commissioned to create pieces across both ships – each narrative onboard is unique, ensuring that regular Seabourn guests can enjoy different, while equally enriching, art experiences.

ArtLink installed the work of Korean ceramic artist Yoo Eui Jeong, whose vases explore the theme of travel and cross-cultural pollination in two bespoke pieces for the Seabourn ships. Jeong uses timeless Korean vase-masking techniques to produce works that are a bricolage of cultural references: Western pop icons collide with traditional Asian design motifs to create one-of-a-kind vases that are displayed in the Lift Lobbies of the Encore and Ovation. Since collaborating with ArtLink, Jeong has become more established and has recently exhibited in the V&A.

“We believe in telling stories through art… Guests are travelling slowly, living within the experience of the vessel and full of anticipation about the destination they will eventually discover. They have the time to re-visit the art as they journey and to allow it to release one story at a time.”

Tal Danai, Founder & CEO, ArtLink

As an industry first, ArtLink installed a separate art collection and narrative dedicated to corridors. What are typically transitory passageways in a guest’s journey, the corridors onboard the Ovation display almost 400 carefully selected works which encourage guests to engage with the detailed visual stories as they walk the ship.

Spice Wall, Encore and Ovation

Michelin star chef Thomas Keller describes the sensuality of seasoning: “Season your food properly… holding your hand up rather high, having the salt between your fingers and letting it fall, through the air.”

Tihany Design tasked ArtLink with developing a concept for the two-deck high glass wall that serves as a backdrop to the staircase leading from the Colonnade to Thomas Keller’s The Grill Restaurant on the deck below. The exciting history of the spice trade and its industry built from transit across oceans inspired the ArtLink-designed wall. From its conception to installation, ArtLink oversaw the construction of 1840 hand-casted glass bricks produced by expert artisans in colors ranging from turmeric to cinnamon, and each brick was hand-cast in sand to create a tactility reminiscent of running one’s hand through ground spices.